Count, Sort, Graph Train Cars!

Given a counting and color sorting activity in an Excent document, the student will accurately sort the train cars by color and then count the amount of train cars independently with 100% accuracy, for 5 consecutive data points.

  • Excent document with 4 colors listed
  • Multi-colored train cards (manipulatives)

Pre-Requisite Skills:
  • The student must utilize recognize the colors blue, red, yellow, and green
  • The student must count to 5

UDL Considerations:

Procedures (Model/Lead/Test):
Initial Instruction (Model):
  1. The teacher will introduce the lesson to the children. She will say “Today, friends, we will be continuing our unit on trains. We have already learned so much already! Today we are going to be looking at all of the different colors of train cars, sort them, count them, and graph them! I am so excited to get started.
  2. The teacher will continue. “Take a look at what I brought today in my special bag.” The bag will contain 10 different colored train cars in red, blue, green, and yellow. “Look at all of these great colors. I see red, yellow, green and blue.” (hold each color as she says the color name). “We are going to do 3 things with our train cars. First we are going to sort the cars by color. I need all of my friends to help make a pile for each color: red, blue, yellow, and green.” The teacher would call 4 students to the front, one for each color and create a pile
  3. When finished, the teacher will say “Friends, thank you so much for helping to organize and sort my train cars by color. Now, I want to know how many of each color we have. We can use this information to see what color we have the most of and what color we have the least of. Let’s begin. Look at the red. Help me count… 1, 2, 3, 4. Yes, there are 4 red train cars. Let’s write this down. Good.”

Guided Practice (Lead):
  1. “Now, it is your turn to practice. I want you to help me count the number of green train cars. CJ, come on up.” The teacher would then ask 3 students to come up, count the number of each color, and record the number of each train car. “Great counting, friends! Now we know that we have 4 red cars, 1 green car, 3 yellow cars, and 2 blue cars. Take a look, we can use the information that we just learned to make a graph. (bring up Excent document on SmartBoard so that the children can see) This word says red, in the box next to it, I will write the number 4 because we counted 4 red train cars. I will put 1 in the box next to the word green, 3 next to the word yellow, and 2 next to the word blue. Good. Now watch as we magically turn our information into a graph!

Independent Practice (Test):
  1. “Friends, you are doing so well at sorting and counting out the number of train cars that we have, but now, it is your turn to do it on your own. Each of you will get a bag of train cars. It is your job to sort the train cars by color, count the number of train cars, and record the number of cars per color.” The teacher would pass out 4 bags to each of the 4 students in the small group. The teacher assist students as needed. Each student will then get an opportunity to put their recorded information into the Excel document to create an individualized graph.

As the students are completing the final portion of the independent practice, I will be completing the data sheet that lists each student and a column for both sorting and counting. I will put “I” in each box if the student was able to sort and count correctly and independently, “NA” if they needed assistance, and “O” for not attempted. My goal for each student is to be able to complete the task independently, sort colors and count the correct amount. At this stage in the unit, the students should need little assistance to complete the task.

Recording Data:


Graphing Data: