Lesson 1: Color Sorting Train Cars: The color sorting train activity focuses on developing the skill of sorting by color. It looks at 4 basic colors, red, green, yellow, and blue. This lesson incorporates the use of a SmartBoard for the students to experience technology.

Lesson 2: All Aboard the Name Train: The name train activity focuses on the development of sorting and sequencing the letters of the students' individual names. By manipulating a Word document, the student drags the letters of his or her name into the correct spelling.

Lesson 3: What comes first?: This lesson is designed using a graphic organizer on the Smartboard to determine what comes at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the train. The student will sort parts of a train into the corresponding boxes on the organizer.

Lesson 4: Complete the Train Pattern: This lesson plan utilizes an interactive PowerPoint to complete simple AB, ABB, and AABB patterns using the colors that have been worked on in previous lessons.

Lesson 5: Count, Sort, Graph Train Cars!: The sort, count, and graph activity works on the sorting skill, and taking it to the next level! The students will be required to sort a pre-determined set of train cars in 4 colors. The student then counts the amount of each color train car after sorting, and records the number in the Excel worksheet with teacher assistance.

Lesson 6: Train Treasure Hunt: This lesson utilizes the Trackstar website. The students go on a virtual treasure hunt to find out simple facts about trains, identify different colored trains, and more!

Lesson 7: Shape Train on the Move!: This lesson was developed to revolve around the Book Builder activity. The students created the artwork for the activity, however, the main focus is the identification of 8 basic shapes.

Lesson 8: Shape Train Construction: This lesson can be completed both on Microsoft Word, and by hand! The students are required to manipulate various shapes to create a train engine.

Lesson 9: Big, Medium, or Little?: This lesson is a sorting activity completed on the Smart Board where students sort the train cars into three size categories, big, medium, or little.

Lesson 10: T is for Train: This lesson focuses on the letter T. Created on PowerPoint, the student will choose which train is carrying the letter T from 3 choices.