With Thomas the Train one of the most popular book, movie, and TV characters for children at the Preschool level, it is no surprise that a site built primarily on trains would be both effective and engaging. The majority of the students that I am so blessed to work with are boys, and one of their most favorite things to talk about is transportation, and most importantly, trains. I make sure to develop my one on one and small group lessons to cater to the interests of my students, and therefore, I am very excited to add this site to my toolbox!

Skills in this unit will include the following:
  • Functional Cognitive Readiness Skills:
    • Sorting/Categorizing
    • Color recognition and identification
    • Sequencing
    • Shape recognition
    • Name/letter matching and recognition
    • Identifying beginning, middle, and end
    • Counting with one to one correspondence to 10
  • Motor Skills
    • Fine Motor
    • Gross Motor
  • Social/Emotional Behavioral Skills
    • Initiating and Maintaining interactive play
    • Engaging in meaningful conversations with peers