Shape Train on the Move!

Given a Book Builder activity on the Smartboard, the student will identify 8 of 8 basic shapes independently with 100% accuracy.

  • SmartBoard
  • Pre-made Book Builder activity: 59978
  • Pointer stick
  • Step platform for Smartboard

Pre-Requisite Skills:
  • The student must be able to utilize the pointer on the Smartboard and manipulate objects on the Smartboard
  • Familiarity with shape names and characteristics

UDL Considerations:

Procedures (Model/Lead/Test):
Initial Instruction (Model):
1. The teacher will introduce the lesson to the children. She will say “Today, friends, we will be continuing our unit on trains. Trains are a type of transportation that rides on tracks and takes heavy loads to faraway places. Today we are going to be reading a story about a train carrying very special shapes. But first, we will be playing a new game called “What’s in the bag?” Each of you will come up, pull something from the bag and tell me what it is. We will then put it up on the board. I am so excited to get started! Are you ready?”
2. The teacher will get out the bag. Inside, there will be 8 magnetic shapes. The teacher will say, “Ok, friends, my turn first. I am going to reach deep, deep down into this bag… hmmm, what did I find? Well this shape has 3 sides, I think it is a triangle! So I will match my triangle to the one on our board. Friends, this is a triangle, it has three sides. What shape is it? ‘Triangle.’ Yes, it is a triangle!”
3. The teacher will ask each student to come pull a shape out of the bag until all of the shapes are matched and identified on the board.
4. When finished, the teacher will then say “Friends, you did a fantastic job naming and matching all of our shapes! Now it is time to read our special books. I used the pictures that we created yesterday to write a story about our train. Our train is very special, it is a shape train! It carries all of the shapes that we just reviewed. As we read, I want you to identify the shapes that you see on the train. You may even be able to read along with me! Let’s begin!”
5. The teacher will bring the Book Builder story, “Shape Train on the Move” up onto the SmartBoard. The teacher will begin reading the first few pages of the book until the page where it begins individual shapes. She will say, “The ' ' is on the train. Hmm, I wonder what shape that is? I think I will go down here to my friend, Conductor Cooper. He may be able to help. (Cooper speaks). This shape has 3 straight sides. Hmm. I know, it’s a triangle! The triangle is on the train. Read with me, The triangle is on the train. Great reading!”
shape_train_title.png triangle.png

Guided Practice (Lead):
6. “Now, it is your turn to practice. I want you to help me figure out what shape is on the train. Take a look friends, The ' ' is on the train. Stella, come on up. If you need help figuring out what shape it is, make sure to use the coaches at the bottom. It is round like a ball. What shape is it? Circle. Yes, it is a circle! The circle is on the train. Read with me, The circle is on the train. Very good!” I would then choose each of the children to have one opportunity to guess the shape and assist in reading the sentence.

Independent Practice (Test):
7. “Friends, you are doing so well at identifying the shapes on the train. Now it is your turn to do it all on your own. Mrs. Smith will sit with you while you read through the book. You will need to tell her what shape you see on the train. Good luck! I know you can do it!” Each child would then have the opportunity to read the Book Builder story during center rotation. Data will be taken as the student completes the tasks with the teacher’s assistant.

As the students are completing the final portion of the independent practice, the assistant will be completing the data sheet that lists the eight shapes, as well as a column for a check mark if they complete the task correctly and independently. I expect that each student will name 8 shapes correctly and independently.