Train Treasure Hunt

Given a Trackstar activity on the Smartboard, the student will complete 5 of 5 questions with 100% accuracy independently.

  • SmartBoard
  • Pre-made Trackstar train activity # 440240
  • Pointer stick
  • Step platform for Smartboard

Pre-Requisite Skills:
  • The student must be able to utilize the pointer on the Smartboard and manipulate objects on the Smartboard

UDL Considerations:

Procedures (Model/Lead/Test):
Initial Instruction (Model):
  1. The teacher will introduce the lesson to the children. She will say “Today, friends, we will be continuing our unit on trains. Trains are a type of transportation that rides on tracks and takes heavy loads to faraway places. We are going on a treasure hunt through the internet to look at different websites about trains, and discover new facts! You will be directed to complete a task upon entering each website. Are you ready? Let’s go!”
  2. Pull up the track on the SmartBoard. The teacher will say, “Alright, friends. I will start out on our first website. Watch as a click on the name on the side of the screen. The directions say, “Take a look at all of these busy trains! What do you think they are carrying?” We need to make a prediction. Let’s look at the pictures of the different train cars. Look at the shape of the car, see if we can pick up on any hints. We have read a lot of books, and learned a lot about the different loads that a train may carry. Hmm. I think that these trains are carrying coal or packages to another part of the country.

Guided Practice (Lead):
  1. “Now, it is your turn to practice. I want you to help me with the next website. Lola, come on up. Listen as I read the directions. This website says, “Take a little bit of time to learn about the different engines. What color is Thomas the Train?” Oh look at the different engines! They come in several colors. I see red, green, blue, black… But we need to figure out what color Thomas is. Lola, what color is Thomas? ‘Blue.’ Yes, blue! Let’s see who is next.” I would then choose each of the children to have one opportunity to participate in a website.

Independent Practice (Test):
  1. “Friends, you are doing so well at helping each other answer the questions to our special train treasure hunt! Now it is your turn. Each friend will have a special time to come up and work with Mrs. Smith during center time to complete the whole treasure hunt on your own! I know you can do it!” Each child would then have the opportunity to complete the track. The assistant will take data to see if they were able to answer the question, and if they were able to complete it independently or needed assistance.

As the students are completing the final portion of the independent practice, I will be completing the data sheet that lists the five websites, as well as a column for a check mark if they complete the task correctly and independently. I expect that each student will answer all 5 questions correctly and independently.