Below you will find a list of useful train and transportation based website resources.

Why you want to try it!
Thomas and Friends
Thomas the Tank Engine is a hugely popular television and movie character for Preschool age children. This site provies games, videos, and activities relevant to trains and cognitive readiness skills.
Dinosaur Train
Dinosaur Train is also a television show shown on PBS Kids. It is an interactive site that provides games, videos, as well as an informative field guide on dinosaurs.
Caillou: Train Director
Caillou is character seen on PBS Kids and in this game, he needs the children’s help to put the train tracks back together to get to the station and to the big city. The children will need matching and following direction skills to complete the tasks.
The Shape and Color Train!
The Shape and Color Train allows children to choose to create a train with shapes or colors. They will need to then recognize and identify the shape/color in order to build their train.
LEGO: Train Game
The LEGO: Train Game is developed around the Lego brand blocks to create a whimsical train ride through a small town. The children must participate in the interactive portion in order to complete the ride.
Parents can use this website, TrainWeb to access pictures and updated information on trains across the country.
Whittle Shortline Railroad
Whittle Shortline Railroad is a company that creates handcrafted wooden trains. On their website, they have a portion designated for children called “Kids Crossing.” “Kids Crossing” includes an art area where children can create colorful train cars, a story time link to a book about the company, a “Choo Choo Theater,” as well as links to other train related websites.
National Toy Train Museum
The National Toy Train Museum provides a website with information on the museum itself, as well as train history. There is a section just for kids that focuses on puzzles, jokes, and games for children. is a website that has realistic information, pictures, and history on trains throughout the world and throughout the ages.
Everything Preschool: Trains
This link offers parents some ideas for things to do at home working with trains. Everything Preschool provides songs, a book list, art and science activities, as well as games to play.

This website is used to create a treasure hunt of sorts using a variety of websites that the students are directed to and gather information from.
Bookbuilder is a fantastic tool used to create books and individualize them per student or classroom.
Boardmaker Share
This website is used to create visual schedules, cues, and communication boards for children with special needs, more specifically, autism.
This website converts text to speech.